What Is A NOID?



What Is A NOID?

So… What is a NOID? A NOID is a “Notice of Intent to Discontinue Benefits“. This is oftentimes the result of the insurance company responsible for the cost of an injured employee’s injuries, has the belief that the employee (you) has made a full recovery. Although, this is not always the case.

Reasons Insurance Companies File a NOID

• Insurance companies may want you to see an independent medical examiner of their choosing who, says “you’ve made a full recovery“, even though your doctors may not feel the same

• Your doctor(s) may indicate that they believe you have made a full recovery

• You turned down a bonafide job offer within the restrictions that your doctor has assigned to you, if you’re not making a diligent job search effort

Received a NOID, and you feel you should be entitled to continuing benefits?

Contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney immediately!

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