What Is An IME? – Independent Medical Examiner

So… what is an IME? An IME is an “Independent Medical Examiner”, also sometimes referred to as an “Adverse Medical Examiner”, and it is their job to examine an injured worker on behalf of the insurance company or the employer.

As I pointed out, these parties are typically “adverse to your interests”, and what that means is that they working against you or your case. In other words they are there to give a separate opinion from your treating physician.

Now from the insurance company or employer’s point of view, this almost always a “medical investigation”, and sometimes it is for medical verification, depending on the case. So, the independent medical examiner will review your medical records and meet with you, sometimes for as little as “10 minutes” as I pointed out, and then file a report of their conclusions.

This is what makes it so important to find an experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney when you receive a notice of an independent medical examiner, or request for an independent medical examiner. These people can be very adverse to your cases’ result, and it’s important to have someone who can turn it around.


Published on Sep 22, 2014

Christopher Rosengren
Rosengren Kohlmeyer
Mankato, Minnesota